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Tailored Recovery Journeys

At our recovery facility in Benoni, we are committed to delivering a recovery experience that is both effective and deeply personal. We understand that each individual's path to recovery is unique, and we provide customized treatment plans that cater to the specific needs and conditions of each client. Our programs encompass a broad range of therapeutic approaches, including medical detoxification, individual counseling, group therapy, and innovative holistic treatments like mindfulness and yoga. These are designed not only to address the physical aspects of addiction but also to support emotional and psychological healing, ensuring a well-rounded recovery process.

Expertise and Compassionate Care

Our skilled team at the Benoni facility consists of addiction specialists, therapists, and healthcare professionals who are deeply committed to your recovery. We offer a supportive environment where every individual is treated with dignity and respect. Our staff are experts in navigating the complexities of addiction and provide continuous support throughout your journey. Through tailored interventions and consistent care, we aim to empower our clients to achieve lasting sobriety and improved well-being.

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Integrated Treatment Approaches

We embrace a multidisciplinary approach to addiction treatment at our Benoni center. This method combines various therapeutic modalities to ensure a comprehensive treatment experience. Clients have access to cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, family therapy, and peer support groups, among others. Each of these techniques plays a crucial role in addressing the diverse aspects of addiction, helping clients develop resilience and effectively manage triggers and relapse risks.

Educational Workshops and Family Support

Addiction recovery is more robust when supported by a network of care. That’s why we provide educational workshops for families and loved ones, aiming to foster understanding and create a supportive home environment. These workshops offer insights into the challenges of addiction and recovery, equipping families with the tools they need to support their loved ones effectively. Our holistic approach extends beyond the individual to include those who are part of their support network, ensuring that recovery is a shared and supported journey.

Aftercare and Continued Support Programs

Recognizing that recovery does not end when a treatment program does, our facility in Benoni offers extensive aftercare and support programs. These initiatives are designed to help individuals navigate the challenges of post-treatment life and to sustain the gains made during their treatment. Our aftercare services include ongoing therapy sessions, support groups, and access to resources that reinforce the coping strategies and healthy habits developed during their stay at our center.

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From its early days as a mining town to its current status as a vibrant urban hub, Benoni offers a unique blend of historical significance and modern-day charm. This page will guide you through the full history of Benoni, spotlight its famous landmarks, and discuss the contemporary challenges it faces, particularly the increase in drug-related issues. The town of Benoni was established in 1881 following the discovery of gold. Its name, derived from a Hebrew word, reflects the early settlers' struggles, translating to "son of my sorrow." The initial gold rush brought a flurry of activity and growth to the area, setting the stage for a thriving community. Over the years, Benoni transformed from a primarily mining-oriented society into a diverse industrial and residential area, rich with opportunities and cultural heritage.


Benoni is not only known for its historical roots but also for its beautiful landmarks and attractions that draw visitors from all over: BENONI LAKE GOLF CLUB Established in the early 20th century, this prestigious golf club offers a lush, meticulously maintained course that challenges and delights golfers of all skill levels. KORSMAN BIRD SANCTUARY Located on the Westdene Dam’s shores, Korsman Bird Sanctuary is a crucial conservation area that provides refuge to numerous bird species, making it a perfect spot for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. BENONI MUSEUM Situated in the heart of Benoni, the museum presents an array of exhibits related to the town’s mining history, development, and the community’s lifestyle over the decades. These landmarks serve as a testament to Benoni's rich cultural tapestry and its evolution from a small mining town to a thriving modern suburb.


Nestled in the heart of Benoni, the Bunny Park is one of the town’s most endearing attractions, beloved by families and nature enthusiasts alike. This charming haven is a sanctuary for a variety of animals, with its name deriving from the numerous friendly rabbits that roam freely, much to the delight of visitors. A HAVEN FOR NATURE AND FAMILIES The Bunny Park offers a verdant retreat where children can interact with and learn about different animals in a safe and natural environment. It’s not just bunnies that call this park home; it’s a residence for an assortment of birds, and other small animals, creating a miniature ecosystem that captures the imagination of all who visit. EDUCATIONAL AND RECREATIONAL SPACE With its educational programs and interactive animal feeding experiences, the Bunny Park serves as an instrumental space for promoting animal welfare education and the importance of nature conservation. The park’s tranquil setting provides an idyllic backdrop for picnics, leisurely strolls, and family outings. THE TRANSFORMATION OF THE BUNNY PARK In line with the community's commitment to maintaining its landmarks, the Bunny Park has seen renovations and improvements, ensuring that it remains a safe and inviting space for both its furry inhabitants and human visitors. The park’s continued popularity is a testament to Benoni’s dedication to preserving spaces that offer joy and education to its residents and tourists. The Bunny Park is not only a place of relaxation and joy but also stands as a symbol of the town's nurturing spirit. It reflects Benoni’s broader commitment to community wellness and environmental stewardship, further highlighting why this town is a jewel in the region. Visiting the Bunny Park is a must-do experience for anyone coming to Benoni, offering a blend of leisure, learning, and the simple pleasure of watching bunnies hop along verdant paths. It’s a local landmark that encapsulates the charm and community-oriented nature of Benoni.


Despite its rich cultural heritage and community spirit, Benoni, like many other towns, is grappling with a significant increase in drug abuse. The accessibility of narcotics such as methamphetamine, heroin, and Cannabis has posed serious challenges for local law enforcement and social services. The town’s proximity to major urban centers makes it a vulnerable point for drug trafficking and substance abuse issues, affecting the youth and broader demographics alike.


Local authorities, community leaders, and various organizations in Benoni are actively collaborating to combat the growing drug problem. Initiatives include educational programs, community policing efforts, and rehabilitation services aimed at prevention and treatment of substance abuse. These measures reflect the community's resilience and commitment to maintaining the town's safety and wellbeing.


Benoni's journey from a 19th-century mining settlement to a modern suburban town is a narrative of growth, challenge, and resilience. The town boasts a wealth of cultural and natural attractions, contributing to its unique character. However, the ongoing battle against drug abuse remains a priority for Benoni’s leaders and its community. Through collective effort and strong community engagement, Benoni continues to thrive and adapt in the face of these challenges. Whether you're a history enthusiast, nature lover, or cultural explorer, Benoni welcomes you to discover its treasures and participate in its vibrant community life. Visit Benoni to experience its rich history, scenic beauty, and spirited community firsthand.


Local authorities, community leaders, and various organizations in Benoni are actively collaborating to combat the growing drug problem. Initiatives include educational programs, community policing efforts, and rehabilitation services aimed at prevention and treatment of substance abuse. These measures reflect the community’s resilience and commitment to maintaining the town’s safety and wellbeing.


1. *Start on Tom Jones Street*: Head southeast on Tom Jones Street/R23 towards Cranbourne Avenue.2. *Turn onto Princes Avenue*: Turn left onto Princes Avenue/R29 and continue to follow R29 for about 1.2 km.3. *New Modder Road*: Continue straight onto New Modder Road for 500 meters.4. *Snake Road*: Turn left onto Snake Road and follow it for 1.8 km.5. *Pretoria Road*: Continue onto Pretoria Road/M44 for 600 meters.6. *O’Reilly Merry Street*: Turn left onto O’Reilly Merry Street/M45 and continue straight on this road for about 850 meters.7. *Arrival*: Turn right onto Ewing Street. You will find the MyRehab Addiction Recovery Centre shortly on the left at 2 Ewing Street, Rynfield, Johannesburg, 1501.This short journey should take about 10 minutes, depending on traffic conditions, and provides a quick link from central Benoni to the recovery centre. Safe travels, and we look forward to assisting you at MyRehab Addiction Recovery Centre.
A tranquil sunset over Benoni’s lakeside with silhouettes of trees and reflections on the water, evoking the town's serene beauty.

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Our programs are designed with an understanding of both the historical and current challenges faced by our community. From personalized therapy sessions to group support and medical aid, MyRehab is committed to helping patients reclaim their lives from addiction.

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