What to Pack for Rehab: Your Guide


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Your Essential Packing List for MyRehab Addiction Recovery Centre

Prioritizing Personal Care and Comfort

Preparing for your stay at MyRehab Addiction Recovery Centre begins with packing the right items. This essential guide to 'what to pack for rehab' is designed to ensure you have everything you need for a supportive, comfortable, and focused recovery journey.

Choosing the Right Clothing

Comfort and practicality are key when selecting clothing for your rehab stay. Aim to pack enough for 10 days, considering both the weather and MyRehab's dress code. Access to laundry facilities means you can maintain a clean and comfortable wardrobe throughout your treatment.

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Managing Medications

Bringing your prescribed medication ensures your health remains a priority during recovery. Our medical team at MyRehab Addiction Recovery Centre will oversee your medication regimen, ensuring continuity and adjusting as necessary for your treatment progress.

Personal Items for Daily Use

Don't forget to pack your personal hygiene items, ensuring they are alcohol-free, and your own towels and washcloths for personal comfort. Smokers or vapers should bring their supplies, respecting the designated areas at MyRehab Addiction Recovery Centre.

Financial Considerations and Valuables

Minimal cash is needed; however, some might be useful for vending machines. To foster focus on your recovery, we advise against bringing electronic devices in the initial phases, and recommend leaving valuables and substantial amounts of money at home.

Ensuring Safety and Addressing Special Needs

Upon arrival, MyRehab Addiction Recovery Centre will check belongings for everyone's safety. We encourage discussing any special needs with our admissions team beforehand. Please arrange your parking, as assistance is not available on-site.

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Contact Our Team Today for Quick Pre Authroisation and Admission to Our Centre!