Dear Karen and the Kids,

As I sit in the quiet of my room at the substance abuse rehab center in Benoni, the weight of my pen feels like the weight of my past choices—a heavy and constant reminder of the distance my addiction has caused not only in miles but in moments lost.

Writing these letters to you is part of my therapy, part of my commitment to bridging that gap, and part of my promise to come back to you not just in body but in spirit, cleansed of the burdens that alcohol placed on our lives.

Today, dear ones, I write to you about hope. When I first stumbled through the doors of this rehab center, laden with the chains of addiction that have bound me for far too long, I couldn’t lift my eyes to meet those of the people who are now my pillars in this storm.

The therapists and counselors here, all souls dedicated to guiding the lost through the treacherous path of substance abuse rehab, welcomed me with no judgment, only understanding. There’s something profound about being seen—not as an alcoholic or an addict but as a human being in need of help. Here, against the raw beauty of Gauteng’s heartlands, I’ve found others like me, each with a story, each with a family they’re yearning to piece back together—one letter, one day, one therapy session at a time.

In this letter, I’m confessing to you the fears that kept me awake during my first nights here—the fear that you might not forgive me, that I might never forgive myself, and that the social pressures awaiting my return might prove too potent for my newfound resolve. Yet, as I navigate the intensive program, each victory over temptation and each insight gained from the sessions here bring me closer to the husband and father I aspire to be once again.

You both deserve more than just my presence at the dinner table. You deserve the laughter we’ve lost, the trust eroded by broken promises, and the peace disrupted by my unpredictable storms. This Benoni rehab center, this sanctuary in the midst of our vibrant yet chaotic Johannesburg sprawl, is breathing new life into my hope for redemption, for a future where my name doesn’t bring a shadow of concern across your faces.

The children, oh, how I miss them. Tell them Daddy is learning how to be stronger, that the stories I will tell them upon my return will be filled with courage and not despair, with clear-eyed mornings and not fog-shrouded evenings. This journey through substance abuse rehab is not just for me; it is for us—for every “I love you” dulled by alcohol’s deceitful whisper, for every “I’m sorry” that will find its place in the quiet acknowledgment of my actions.

I’ll send these letters regularly, each one a testament to my progress, each one a stepping stone back to you. Until I’m there to say all this in person, keep these words with you, and know that each day is a day closer to home.

With all my love and resolve, David

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