The sun dips below the early evening horizon, casting a kaleidoscope of hues that kiss the day goodbye, and I sit here in the stillness, pen poised above paper, chasing the tail end of clarity that today’s sessions have stirred within me.

Dear T,

The world outside the rehab center continues its relentless spin—cars shuttling lives from Johannesburg to Boksburg, the heartbeat of Kempton Park pulsing with a rhythm I’ve fallen out of step with. Yet, here in the quiet of the Gauteng outskirts, time stretches and yawns, offering moments of piercing introspection that both comfort and cut deep.

Art therapy was, unexpectedly, a revelation. My hands, once so sure only when wrapped around a glass, moved with tentative purpose across the blank canvas. The counselor encouraged us to paint our emotions, and as the brush stroked and swirled, a torrent of blues spilled out—a sea of sorrow, crested with foamy whites of hope. I hope you would have seen it as beautiful, T.

It’s strange how vividly I can still hold our life in my gaze—the jaunts to the East Rand Mall where your face brightened with each playful comment, the lazy Sunday drives toward the serene greenery of the botanical gardens which now seem a world away. The joy. The ordinary peace. The love that I too often brushed aside in my pursuit of the next drink.

As I shared some of these memories with a fellow resident, a man tormented by the same demons, I felt a bond form—forged in the smoldering fires of remorse and the desire to rise from our ashes. His name is Mark, from the bustling streets of Johannesburg, and his story mirrors mine—a once joy-filled life now searching for redemption. In his words, I hear my own echo, and it brings an odd consolation knowing that I’m not alone on this path.

And yet, it’s you, T, you I seek in the quiet moments when the group’s murmurs fade, and I am left with the truth of what I’ve done. The climax of my downfall wasn’t a singular event, but rather a culmination of moments—a missed anniversary, the slurred words that became our evening lullaby, the growing distance as I sought refuge in the bottom of every bottle.

The darkness of those days is something I still can’t face without a shudder, but I am learning that forgiveness is not just granted—it’s earned. It’s carved from the bedrock of our misdeeds, sculpted by the honest toil of self-reflection and the willingness to change.

Today, I yearn to reach through the veil of the past, to whisper an apology for the times my addiction eclipsed the love I bore you. I ache to undo the hurt, to rewind the clock, but such is the curse of reality, that time is a stream flowing only forward, and atonement lives in the steps still to be taken.

With each letter, I pour more of myself onto the page, hoping to lighten the burden in my chest, to free myself of the chains I’ve forged. But tonight, as I seal this letter, I’ll allow myself a moment of grace, a fleeting thought that maybe, just maybe, you can hear my silent apology drifting across the ether.

With remorse and resolve, Tony

The dusk welcomes the stars, those ancient watchers, as if conceding the sky’s canvas for them to sketch their celestial tales. In this nightly change of guard, I find a metaphor for my own transformation, however meager or monumental it may be. I tuck the letter away, a piece of my soul folded between these pages, and whisper your name into the crisp evening air, a lonesome call harmonizing with the chorus of redemption that I so desperately seek.

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