Dear Bertie,

As I pen this letter to you, a flurry of memories storms through my mind. The day you took your first steps, your first day at school, and the numerous times we celebrated your victories and comforted each other in defeat. Each of these incidents, and countless more, paint an incredible portrait of the journey we have taken together, and the young man you have become.

Over the years, I have watched you grow and blossom, from a wide-eyed child into a strong, capable young adult. Nevertheless, it is now time to talk about something that has become increasingly important: responsibility. Though the love I harbour for you, my child, is both constant and unconditional, I need you to understand that as you traverse through adulthood, the nature of our relationship needs to mature. As a grown-up, it is essential that you start to stand on your own feet and TAKE responsibility for your actions and decisions. Believe me when I say, I will always be here for you, to lend an ear or extend a comforting arm. However, from this point forward, I can no longer be your safety net in the true sense of the word.

My role must evolve from caretaker to adviser. This change isn’t a withdrawal of love or support, but rather a way to encourage your growth and self-reliance. I’ve set a couple of boundaries for both our sakes:

1. **Financial Independence**: You need to start planning and managing your finances. It’s crucial for your growth and will help you understand the value of hard work and money.

2. **Household Chores**: Participating in daily chores is not only a way of contributing to the household but it is also about taking responsibility for your environment.

3. **Decision Making**: Whether it’s about your job, your friends, or your lifestyle, these decisions should be made by you as they affect your life directly. And remember, every decision comes with consequences that you need to be prepared to face.

4. **Emotional Responsibility**: It’s important to manage your emotions, relationships, and overall mental health. It’s okay to ask for help, but remember, ultimately you’re in control of your emotional world.

Please understand that this is an expression of my love for you and my faith in your abilities. It’s not only about my belief that you can handle these responsibilities, but also a call for you to believe in yourself, learn from your mistakes, and grow stronger with every obstacle you overcome. As I close this letter, I want to remind you that regardless of this new shift in our roles, I am, and will always be, your biggest supporter and your loving mother. Remember, becoming an adult isn’t just about age, it’s about taking responsibility and facing the world with courage. And I have no doubt you are ready. 3

With All My Love,

Your Mom

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