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Role of the Main Medical Aid Member in MyRehab Admissions

Date: 18 March 2024


For a dependent’s admission to MyRehab, the involvement of the main medical aid member is important to navigate the process effectively.

Responsibilities of the Main Member

– Be Present: Your attendance may be necessary to facilitate the admission process.

– Bring Necessary Documents: Have the medical aid card and other key documents on hand.

– Provide Consent: Complete any required authorisation or consent forms for the treatment coverage.

– Know Your Benefits: Understand what your medical aid covers to anticipate possible expenses. Our admissions team at MyRehab values the support of each patient’s family and is ready to guide both main members and dependents through the process, ensuring a hassle-free start to recovery.

Contact us for assistance with admissions involving the medical aid’s main member, and we’ll make sure you have all you need for this critical step.

Contact Our Team Today for Quick Pre Authroisation and Admission to Our Centre!

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