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Packing Hygiene Essentials for MyRehab: What You Need to Know

Date: 12 March 2024


For your stay at MyRehab Dual Diagnosis Addiction Centres, it’s important to bring non-aerosol hygiene products. These choices are not only eco-friendly but also safer for communal living.

Why Choose Non-Aerosol Products These items typically carry fewer health risks. They include roll-on deodorants, tube toothpaste, bar soaps, and non-pressurized shampoos and conditioners.

The Role of Personal Hygiene in Recovery Staying clean reinforces self-care and boosts well-being. It’s a vital part of holistic recovery, which MyRehab advocates through various wellness programs.

For advice on what to pack or any pre-admission queries, contact MyRehab. Our support team aims to ease your preparation worries, ensuring you’re set for a healing rehab experience.

Contact Our Team Today for Quick Pre Authroisation and Admission to Our Centre!

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