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How Often Does MyRehab’s MDT Convene to Discuss Patient Recovery?

Date: 19 March 2024


MyRehab Dual Diagnosis Addiction Centres holds Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) meetings on a regular cadence to assess and discuss each patient’s recovery progress. Here’s how we stay on top of patient care:

Consistent Care Oversight _Do MDT Meetings Ensure Consistent Patient Care?_ Absolutely. Our weekly or biweekly meetings keep the MDT attuned to every step of the patient’s recovery journey, promoting seamless care.

Dynamic Treatment Adjustments

Can Frequent MDT Meetings Facilitate Quick Plan Changes?_ Indeed, this regularity allows for swift identification and response to any treatment tweaks needed for enhancing patient support.

Teamwork in Patient Care _How Does Regular Interaction Benefit the MDT?_ Frequent gatherings reinforce the shared mission among professionals, heightening the synergy of expertise within patient care strategies.

Patient-Centric Discussions

Are Patients Involved in Their Treatment Review Process?_ Yes, we regularly involve patients in discussions about their recovery path, ensuring they have a voice in their care journey decisions.

Family Participation

How Does Family Engagement Support Patient Care?_ When suitable, family voices contribute to the review process, extending the patient’s network of support through the recovery process.

Spearheaded by these structured meetings, MyRehab’s tailored approach underpins our dedication to collaborative and personalized patient care.

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