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How Does MyRehab’s MDT Respond to Changes in Patient Care?

Date: 19 March 2024


When patient care changes occur at MyRehab, our Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) springs into action with agility and compassion. Here’s how we manage and adapt to ensure each patient continues to progress on their path to recovery:

Quick Evaluation and Response

At the Heart of Care: How Do We Begin?_ An urgent assessment is our starting point following any change in a patient’s condition. We don’t just react; we take careful, considered actions to understand and address these changes.

Effective Team Interaction

How Does the MDT Coordinate on New Developments?_ The responsible caregiver promptly informs the rest of the MDT about the change. We discuss these updates in detail, whether in our structured meetings or in emergency sessions when immediate action is necessary.

Collaborative Approach to Treatment Updates

How Does the MDT Make Informed Decisions on Care Changes?_ An ad hoc MDT meeting is sometimes vital for significant, unexpected changes. Here, our professionals collaborate to assess and decide how best to adjust the patient’s treatment plan.

Integrating Patient Feedback in Care Adjustments

How Important Is the Patient’s Role in Their Own Care Adjustments?_ Patients are central to our care plans. We include them in all conversations about changes and seek their input on proposed treatment adjustments.

Implementing and Monitoring Changes

How Do We Roll Out and Track Treatment Modifications?_ The MDT diligently implements any updates to the treatment plan. We monitor these changes closely to ensure they effectively address the new developments and support the patient’s holistic recovery journey.

Comprehensive Documentation

How Thorough Is the MDT’s Record-Keeping Process?_ Meticulous documentation backs up our every move. We record details about new developments, the rationale behind decisions, and the responses to adjustments for accurate, ongoing care evaluation.

“Change shapes our journey, but it’s how we respond that defines our path. With MyRehab Helper, you’re never navigating change alone.”

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