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How Does MyRehab Conduct Individual Therapy Sessions?

Date: 7 March 2024


Entering MyRehab Dual Diagnosis Addiction Centres, patients receive individual therapy sessions as part of their personally tailored recovery plan. A qualified therapist or counselor leads each session, focusing on personal issues, defining treatment goals, and building robust coping strategies.

In individual therapy, therapists collaborate intimately with clients to address the roots of addiction and any accompanying mental health issues. A safe and confidential environment allows clients to freely discuss concerns and hopes—a critical component of the healing process.

Together, therapists and clients at MyRehab set achievable, meaningful recovery objectives. These goals range from sobriety to relationship improvement and reclaiming life interests. Formulating effective coping strategies is also key, as clients learn to manage cravings, handle stress, and avoid substance use.

MyRehab adjusts the frequency of individual sessions to meet each client’s specific needs, making the treatment experience entirely personal. As part of a broader treatment program, these sessions complement group therapy and other supportive therapies.

As clients progress, the content and focus of the sessions shift, with the MyRehab team—including therapists, psychologists, and medical doctors—periodically reviewing and updating treatment plans.

MyRehab stands out for its comprehensive approach to both addiction treatment and mental health care. Our therapists dedicate themselves to crafting empathetic, personalized treatment paths for each individual.

If addiction and mental health concerns weigh on you or a loved one, MyRehab is ready to help. We offer a dual diagnosis approach that provides support, understanding, and hope. **Contact us today** and discover how we turn recovery into reality.

The initial 10 days at MyRehab are crucial, offering a foundation for each patient’s recovery. This period helps patients settle into their new routine and begin their healing journey.

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