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Addiction Recovery Centre

Why choose us

ARC an upmarket, private treatment facility for those that might be suffering from the effects of addiction or alcoholism.

ARC is committed to providing practical, ethical, and effective treatment initiatives to persons with addiction problems. ARC believes that by encouraging individuals to explore their previously damaging patterns of behaviour, within a healing and safe therapeutic environment, they are empowered to make positive and creative life choices. Thus they are enabled to lead productive and responsible lives free from active addiction.

ARC provides a safe and caring environment for those affected by addiction, drug and alcohol dependency. Our primary focus as a professional team of addiction specialists is to assist and equip individuals with the knowledge and tools required to overcome the horrors of addiction and substance abuse. With a view to healing the body, mind and soul, our residents are given the foundation needed for on-going, wholesome fulfilment and successful living.

Our professional team of addiction specialists and medical practitioners are on call 24 hours a day to assist with the detox and recovery process. Our staff compliment includes 24 hour nursing staff and substance abuse councillors, Trauma councillors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Group therapists. Our Recovery Coaches have, themselves, endured the suffering of active addiction but are now, at the very least, 3 years free of active addiction. This allows for much needed insight into the recovery process from the perspective of someone who relates to our residents plight.

Although ARC was established as a beacon of hope for those suffering from the effects of addiction, we also focus on assisting loved ones and family members of those that might be addicted, with identifying and dealing with behaviour associated with substance abuse. We host forums open to the general public to assist with questions about addiction and the recovery process.

why south africa

South Africa has earned a world-class reputation for drug and substance rehabilitation, with scores of foreign addicts jetting in to face their demons at private treatment centres at a fraction of what it would cost them abroad. Many residential treatment programmes in the UK can cost between £ 1500 and £ 8000 per week Generally, the treatment centres at the lower end of the price spectrum have long waiting lists which can negatively affect a client's ommitment to treatment as the process inevitably drags on. ARC provides a high quality of treatment at a massively reduced cost to the client due to the Sterling/Rand exchange rate and other economies through lower wages and infrastructure costs.

Celebrities, VIPs, international models and even Royals are among those who have come for rehab treatment in South Africa, where they know they are guaranteed confidentiality and facilities far superior to equivalent clinics in the UK. Some clients preferred treatment in another setting and better climate with the opportunity for healthy outdoor activities, while others might have exhausted treatment options at home, and come here as a last resort. Whatever the reason, we at ARC will welcome you.

ARC is registered with the South African Department of Social Development, The Department of Health as well as with the Southern African Board of Health Care Funders. Our Practice number is: 0470000466855

is it safe in south Africa

All of ARC international clients are personally collected from the OR Thambo International Airport in Johannesburg by one or more of our highly trained counsellors. A client will never be expected to "make their own way" from the airport to the ARC Centre Our counsellors will make all the necessary arrangements with the client, their family members as well as with the travel agent well in advance of the client's arrival at the airport.

South Africa has a somewhat unfair reputation for crime; most large cities in the world have higher than average levels of crime and many have 'no go' areas. South Africa is no different or worse. The treatment centre is based well outside the city in a rural area with little in the way of crime. Our clients are always taken directly from the Airport to the Centre without any stops on route. Our Centre is extremely safe and secure, with 24-hour security personnel and equipment monitoring the property.

We have highly trained nursing staff on the property 24/7 and we are situated just 5 minutes from an excellent private hospital for any extreme medical emergencies. We have never experienced any form of violent crime at the ARC Centre but we make every effort to ensure our clients are safe and escorted throughout their stay with us.


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