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evidence based addiction rehab

Mandy Smith
Mandy Smith
Ek sal ARC enige tyd aanbeveel vir mense of mense met geliefdes wat n probleem het. hierdie mense is Engele. Hulle bied hulp aan waar daar nie hulp is nie. waar mense moedeloos is en nie meer weet waarheen nie dan is ARC daar. die personeel is so behulpsaam die mense wat help is vriendelik en almal is so liefdevol en bo alles Christelik. Ek sal ARC aanbeveel vir almal wat hulp nodig het. Dankie ARC julle is wonderlik.
nokuthula mavie
nokuthula mavie
The team at Myrehab are professional and helpful. Their transfer process of patients is very seamless and efficient. Thank you for your hard work. Regards Dr. Mavie Shibanda Life Brackenview
kabo letseli
kabo letseli
Thank you to my rehab team for your hard work and assistance. Dr Letseli, Brackenview.
Ishe Mukoki
Ishe Mukoki
MyRehab Dual Diagnosis Addiction Centres are the epitome of professionalism, compassion and efficiency. The staff are dedicated and truly hold patient-centered care at the core of their practice. They offer a seamless and streamlined referral and admissions process with service that completely does away with frustration for healthcare worker and patient alike. Definitely would highly recommend this team!
Thato Kalane
Thato Kalane
Thank you for a truly wonderful experience for our patients. Dr Kalane, Dr SK Matseke Memorial Hospital
Moeketsi Khabisi
Moeketsi Khabisi
Willem Emmenis
Willem Emmenis
Thank you to the MyRehab team for doing such an exceptional work in taking care of our patients . Your hard work and dedication is noticed and highly appreciated . Truly a Five-star service ! Regards Dr Willem Emmenis Life Hospital l Brackenview and Akeso clinic Alberton
Manesh Mohanlal
Manesh Mohanlal
The team at MyRehab Dual Diagnosis Addiction Centres is unparalleled. Their streamlined transfer process and the game-changing continuous updates from their multidisciplinary team significantly elevate patient care. Five stars without a doubt! Regards, Dr Manesh Mohanlal Specialist Psychiatrist Life Brackenview Clinic
Ahmed Mayet
Ahmed Mayet
As a Clinical Psychologist, I am thoroughly impressed with MyRehab Dual Diagnosis Addiction Centre. Their processes and reporting functions are unparalleled, and their integration with Artificial Intelligence is nothing short of revolutionary for patient care. Truly state-of-the-art and a monumental step forward for the industry. Highly recommended!


Evidence-based treatment

Evidence-based treatment (EBT) refers to therapies and interventions that are proven effective through rigorous scientific research and clinical trials. In the context of substance abuse and mental health treatment, EBT means that the methods used have been systematically tested, and outcomes have been consistently measured and scientifically evaluated.

Simply put, evidence-based addiction rehab refers to the utilization of therapy and treatment strategies that have been empirically supported by thorough scientific evaluation. At MyRehab, therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Contingency Management (CM) are central components of our treatment programs.

Understanding EBT at MyRehab Addiction Rehab Centre

1. **Research-Backed Methods:** Treatments are grounded in extensive research that has repeatedly demonstrated their efficacy in helping individuals with addiction and mental health disorders.

Standardized Protocols:

2. EBTs follow standardized protocols that outline specific steps and techniques to ensure that treatments can be replicated with similar outcomes across various settings.

Continuous Evaluation

3. Even when treatments are established as evidence-based, they are subject to ongoing evaluation and refinement in light of new research and clinical expertise.

Tailored Interventions

While the treatment methods are standardized, they are adapted to meet the unique needs of individual patients based on various factors, including the severity of the condition, personal history, and the presence of co-occurring disorders.

Outcomes Focused

The primary aim of EBT is to achieve positive and measurable outcomes, such as reduced substance use, improved mental health status, and enhanced quality of life.

Outcomes Focused

At MyRehab Dual Diagnosis Addiction Recovery Centre in Rynfield, Benoni, evidence-based treatment is the cornerstone of our practice. By implementing therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Motivational Interviewing (MI), we provide our patients with the highest standard of care that scientific research supports. This commitment to evidence-based practice ensures that we offer the most effective treatments currently available, tailored to support the recovery journey of those we serve in Rynfield and surrounding communities like Illovo and Hyde Park.

MyRehab Centre: Championing Evidence-Based Addiction Rehab

Addiction is a complex yet treatable condition when approached with the right methodology. At MyRehab Addiction Rehab Centre, we are committed to offering evidence-based addiction rehab, rooted in scientifically proven methods to ensure the most effective treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse.

The Cornerstone of Effective Treatment: Evidence-Based Addiction Rehab

In the realm of addiction recovery, evidence-based practices are the gold standard, providing treatments that have been rigorously tested and validated through scientific research. Our evidence-based addiction rehab program incorporates these treatments to deliver the highest quality of care and the best chances for long-term success.

Implementing Evidence-Based Strategies in Addiction Treatment

Customized Treatment Plans

Recognizing that no single treatment is suitable for everyone, our evidence-based addiction rehab programs are highly personalized. We assess each individual’s unique situation to craft a treatment plan that utilizes evidence-based therapies best suited to their specific needs.

Comprehensive Approach to Recovery

A cornerstone of our evidence-based approach is the integration of various therapeutic modalities. This combination ensures a holistic treatment experience, addressing not just the addiction itself but also the related psychological, emotional, and social factors.

The Role of Evidence-Based Practices at MyRehab

Data-Driven Therapy

Our approach to evidence-based addiction rehab is informed by data and research findings. By staying abreast of the latest studies and incorporating them into our practices, we can offer the most up-to-date and effective treatment options available.

Continuous Evaluation and Adjustment

Evidence-based means we’re committed to ongoing evaluation and adaptation. Our treatment programs are continuously reviewed and modified as needed, to reflect current research, ensuring that our patients receive the most effective care possible.

The Impact of Evidence-Based Addiction Rehab

Improving Outcomes for Clients

By relying on evidence-based addiction rehab, MyRehab is able to improve outcomes for our patients. These practices have been shown to reduce the risk of relapse and increase the likelihood of sustained recovery, providing clients with a stronger foundation for a sober life.

Educating Patients and Families

Our commitment to evidence-based treatment extends to educating patients and their families about the addiction recovery process. Knowledge empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their care and increases engagement and efficacy of the treatment.

MyRehab's Pledge to Evidence-Based Care

We believe in transparency, integrity, and excellence in addiction treatment. By choosing MyRehab Centre, you are selecting an institution deeply rooted in evidence-based rehab practices, where the best of contemporary science informs our every action.

Embrace a life of recovery with confidence in our evidence-based addiction rehab services. Contact MyRehab Addiction Rehab Centre to begin your journey to wellness.


At MyRehab, we understand that addiction is often a symptom of an underlying issue such as a Mental Health Disorder. That’s why we offer comprehensive Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs that address both Addiction and any Co-occurring Mental Health Conditions. Our team of experienced professionals provides individualized treatment plans that incorporate evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and trauma-informed care. Our program aims to identify and treat the root cause of addiction while also providing a safe and supportive environment for our clients to recover. We believe in treating the whole person, not just the addiction, which is why our program also includes lfe skills training and aftercare planning to ensure a successful, long-term recovery.


Alcoholism and drug dependence and addiction, known as Substance Use Disorders, are complex problems. People with these disorders once were thought to have a character defector moral weakness.


Symptoms of addiction may include loss of control over substance use, increased tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, and neglect of responsibilities and relationships. Other signs can include changes inbehavior, mood, and physical appearance. Identifying these symptoms is crucial in recognizing and treating addiction.


Addiction is a complex issue that can develop due to a combination of factors. Genetic factors can increase the risk of addiction, while environmental factors, such as exposure to substance abuse, can make an individual more susceptible to addiction. Additionally, psychological factors, such as mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and trauma, can contribute to addiction by leading individuals to use drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism.



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