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Bobo "Mind Maven" Mkhize

Counselling Psychologist

To discover more about our admission process, treatment options, visiting rules, and to learn more about our ARC Addiction Recovery Centre, please reach out. We invite you to embark on your journey towards a healthier life today, with MyRehab as your trusted partner in recovery.

Therapist Profile: Bobo Mkhize

Professional Background

Qualifications: Master’s degree from North-West University, specialized training at the University of Pretoria, currently a 2nd-year PhD student in Psychology. Registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Specializations: Specializes in Learning Disabilities, Trauma, Mood Disorders (Depression and Anxiety), Chronic Illness Counseling, Substance Abuse Counseling, Play Therapy, and Attachment Therapy.

Years of Experience: Over two years in private practice, with additional experience in clinical settings, particularly at MyRehab clinic.

Professional Affiliations: Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Treatment Philosophy and Approach

Therapeutic Techniques: Employs a therapeutic approach that emphasizes the enhancement of personal strengths alongside the amelioration of psychological distress. Utilizes a holistic array of services to address a wide range of psychological issues.

Philosophy: Dedicated to bridging the gap between academic research and compassionate clinical practice, with a commitment to creating individualized pathways to wellness for a diverse clientele.

Treatment Plan Strategy: Curates personalized treatment plans that reflect the unique needs and strengths of each client, focusing on transformative and resonant therapeutic journeys.

Personal Attributes

Personal Statement: “In the heart of Benoni, I stand committed to advancing psychological wellness through rigorous research and compassionate practice, guiding each individual towards a harmonious and enriched life.”

Language Proficiency: Fluent in isiZulu and English, ensuring accessible and inclusive therapy services.


Availability: Mondays to Fridays from 08:00 to 17:00 (UTC+2)

Session Formats: Offers a comprehensive range of services addressing learning disabilities, trauma, mood disorders, chronic illness, substance abuse, and more, through individualized care

Special Focus

Areas of Expertise: Recognized for his adept skills in a broad spectrum of psychological issues, from the intricacies of learning disabilities and trauma to the challenges of chronic illness and substance abuse, with a strong foundation in play and attachment therapies.

Research Interests: Continuously engaged in pioneering research as a PhD student, contributing to the field of psychology with a focus on practical application and innovation in therapy.

Client Matching Considerations

Ideal for clients seeking a therapist who combines academic research with practical clinical application, especially those facing learning disabilities, trauma, mood disorders, or chronic illness.

Suitable for individuals and families looking for an inclusive approach, benefiting from therapy services offered in both isiZulu and English.

Clients who value a therapist committed to enhancing personal strengths and providing compassionate, personalized care.

To discover more about our admission process, treatment options, visiting rules, and to learn more about our ARC Addiction Recovery Centre, please reach out. We invite you to embark on your journey towards a healthier life today, with MyRehab as your trusted partner in recovery.

Bobo “Mind Maven” Mkhize and the Ballet of Benoni’s Brainwork

In the labyrinthine twists and turns of the mind, there strode a figure of both intellect and empathy—Bobo “Mind Maven” Mkhize, the Counselling Psychologist whose tales of triumph are whispered across the windswept plains of Benoni. His perch? The renowned institution MyRehab, where seekers of solace venture in hopes of unshackling the binds of psyche’s plight.

Forged in the academic anvils of North-West University with a Master’s degree, and sharpened at the University of Pretoria’s luminary forges, Mind Maven honed his craft. With scrolls of knowledge unfurled before him, his quest surged onward, a 2nd-year PhD student in Psychology, no less.

Turn back the celestial clock, mark it two years hence, and there you’ll find the nascent roots of a private practice—a garden where Mind Maven nurtured the saplings of the soul.

Here in Benoni, where “Mind Maven” Mkhize practices his craft, he is not merely a fixer; no, he’s a true architect of the mind’s potential. Through his dual-dance of Humanistic and Cognitive-Behavioural approaches, he weaves a tapestry of therapy so majestic, that both Psychology in Benoni and beyond stand in awe.

The seal of the Health Professions Council of South Africa proudly adorns his chest, a badge of honor and a lantern of trust in the cavernous unknowns of the human condition.

In the MyRehab amphitheater, audiences from all walks of life—children staging their first plays of life, adolescents in the intermission of identity, and adults narrating sagas etched by time—gather to witness the “Mind Maven” at work.

Mkhize, a maestro conducting symphonies of Learning Disabilities transformed into harmonious melodies, the harsh dissonances of Trauma softened into soothing strings. Behold as he dissipates the fog of Mood disorders, letting Depression and Anxiety’s raging seas still under his calming baton. Where Chronic illness casts shadows, his lantern guides, and Substance Abuse—a sly interloper—is deflected with deft grace.

Of his many acts, one stands noble: his words weave seamlessly between the lyrical isiZulu and the articulate English, an enveloping blanket of comfort for every soul in need.

Let it be known, within the realms of Psychology in Benoni, that Bobo “Mind Maven” Mkhize’s legend grows. Within the walls of MyRehab, enlightened by Play therapy’s tender glow and fortified by the bulwarks against Adjustment Difficulties, he masterfully balances the scales—research and human touch in perfect harmony.

Venture, then, into the Mind Maven’s care. Be you the Herculean challenger or the weary wanderer, within this sanctuary, you’ll find a path paved not with trials but with hope, with Bobo “Mind Maven” Mkhize, the sage and sentinel of serenity, ever your guide.

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Thats nice, but who is Bobo "The Mind Maven" Mkhize

In the bustling heart of Benoni’s community, a figure of esteem and dedication stands at the fore of psychological advancement—Bobo “The Mind Maven” Mkhize. As a Counseling Psychologist at the esteemed MyRehab clinic, he is celebrated for bridging the gap between rigorous academic research and compassionate clinical practice.

The Mind Maven’s journey began at North-West University, where he accumulated a wealth of knowledge, leading to his Master’s degree. His pursuit of excellence then led him to the University of Pretoria for specialized training. Currently immersed as a 2nd-year PhD student in Psychology, he continues to pioneer in his field and exceed the standards of psychological inquiry and application.

Having launched a private practice over two years ago, The Mind Maven has cultivated a reputation for a therapeutic approach that prioritizes the enhancement of personal strengths as much as the amelioration of psychological distress.

Endorsed by the Health Professions Council of South Africa, he brings an unwavering commitment to professional care. At MyRehab, The Mind Maven employs his adept skills to curate individualized pathways to wellness across a diverse clientele, from the vibrancy of youth to the richness of adulthood.

With a repertoire that includes a holistic array of services, he addresses the intricacies of Learning Disabilities, the complexities of Trauma, and the challenges of Mood disorders, including Depression & Anxiety. The Mind Maven’s expertise extends into the realms of Chronic illness Counselling, Substance abuse counseling, Play therapy, and Attachment therapy, embarking on therapeutic journeys that resonate and transform.

Ever inclusive, The Mind Maven’s linguistic versatility allows him to offer therapy services fluently in both isiZulu and English, erasing communication barriers to ensure universal access to psychological support.

For those navigating the search for psychology services in Benoni, The Mind Maven symbolizes a guiding light towards mental well-being and emotional resilience. Within the supportive framework of MyRehab, he orchestrates a symphony of personalized treatment, helping individuals to harmonize the complexities of their lives.

Embarking on a journey with Bobo “The Mind Maven” Mkhize at MyRehab is not merely an encounter with psychology but an invitation to experience the craftsmanship of a master at work, laying the foundations for a balanced and enriching life awaiting discovery.

To discover more about our admission process, treatment options, visiting rules, and to learn more about our ARC Addiction Recovery Centre, please reach out. We invite you to embark on your journey towards a healthier life today, with MyRehab as your trusted partner in recovery.

A Beacon of Psychological Insight at MyRehab

In the heart of Benoni, Bobo “The Mind Maven” Mazibuko serves as a pillar of psychological expertise at MyRehab. As a venerated Counseling Psychologist, he seamlessly blends academic rigor and therapeutic compassion, crafting personalized wellness pathways for his clients.

Advancing Psychological Therapy with The Mind Maven

Renowned for his transformative approach, The Mind Maven, Bobo Mazibuko, employs his scholarly excellence and clinical acumen to offer strength-centered therapy. With services grounded in understanding and innovation, he supports diverse individuals in their pursuit of mental health and resilience.

Embracing Cultural Connectivity with Psychology's Guiding Light

Bobo “The Mind Maven” Mazibuko’s commitment to inclusivity shines at MyRehab, where his proficiency in isiZulu and English breaks down linguistic barriers, offering comprehensive psychological care. His dedication enriches the community of Benoni, leading many towards healing and growth.








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