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Keana "Anchor-Heart" Dias


To discover more about our admission process, treatment options, visiting rules, and to learn more about our ARC Addiction Recovery Centre, please reach out. We invite you to embark on your journey towards a healthier life today, with MyRehab as your trusted partner in recovery.

In the rhythmic pulse of city life that dances through the streets of Johannesburg as the sun takes its leave, there lingers in the air an invitation to a very different kind of gathering. A gathering where hearts are bared, where souls seek solace, and where the twilight hours from 17:30 to 19:30, Mondays to Thursdays, are sacred.

This is the world of Keana “Anchor-Heart” Dias, an HPCSA-registered hero amid the chaos, a Registered Addiction Professional with a calibre forged in the learned halls of SACAP and the Pearson Institute of Higher Education. She is the custodian of hope for many who seek refuge in the elaborate tapestry of the outpatient program she has been faithfully running since 2022.

Anchor-Heart—because like the steadfast vessel amidst the stormy seas, she offers patrons a point of fixed certainty in the ephemeral waves of existence. Meticulously educated in the sciences of the mind and the arts of language, Keana’s Bachelor of Social Science Honours in Psychology endowed her with a Bpsych equivalent, a lighthouse that guides her practice.

But this is not just any practice. This is where the weary, the seeking, the ones grappling with the tendrils of addiction, find a nightly sanctuary free of charge. It’s the embodiment of community support orchestrated by a professional whose understanding of human behavior is both deep and nuanced. Here, the eclectic symphony of human experience finds harmony in group sessions steered by Keana’s adept hands.

Each evening, as the clock chimes half-past five, the space comes alive with the resonance of shared stories, diffusing the day’s burdens in a professionally managed group process. It’s a space defined not by the shadows of challenge, but by the light of collective growth—a testament to the efficacy of a Registered Addiction Professional at work.

“Anchor-Heart” she is fondly named, for she offers a steadfast embrace to each soul embarking on the journey of recovery. Be they novices in the realm of self-discovery or seasoned warriors of inner battles, they gather under Keana’s wing, her sessions a beacon in the night, illuminating the path of healing and connection.

Yes, this is the outpouring of Keana Parry’s dedication—a story etched in the annals of recovery, an ode to the resilience of the human spirit, and a promise that within the walls of this program, you will never have to stand alone.

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Thats nice, but who is Keana "Anchor-Heart" Parry

MyRehab takes immense pride in introducing Keana Parry, an esteemed member of our team and a dedicated Registered Counsellor. Accredited by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), Keana brings an unparalleled level of expertise and compassion to our outpatient services.

With a Bachelor of Social Science Honours in Psychology from The South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & English from the Pearson Institute of Higher Education, Keana’s educational background equips her with a profound understanding of the human psyche and the intricacies of addiction.

Since 2022, Keana has been leading our outpatient program with unfaltering dedication. Every Monday to Thursday, from 17:30 to 19:30, she provides a structured and professional setting for individuals seeking peer support in their recovery journey. Her role is integral to offering a consistent space where healing and personal growth are fostered through collective experiences and professional guidance.

Lauded for her ability to facilitate group processes with sensitivity and efficacy, Keana’s work exemplifies the core values of MyRehab. Her commitment to the well-being of every participant is evident in the meticulous attention she pays to ensuring that each session is both impactful and nurturing.

Keana’s approach not only embodies the highest standards of a Registered Addiction Professional but also resonates with individuals’ aspiration for a sustainable recovery. She remains an unfailing pillar of stability and understanding for those navigating the complexities of addiction, cementing her reputation as a profound force for positive change within the community.

For expert care underpinned by a wealth of psychological knowledge and a genuine dedication to recovery, clients can entrust their journey to the capable hands of Keana Parry—a committed ally in the pursuit of wholeness and well-being.

To discover more about our admission process, treatment options, visiting rules, and to learn more about our ARC Addiction Recovery Centre, please reach out. We invite you to embark on your journey towards a healthier life today, with MyRehab as your trusted partner in recovery.







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